Recap – Fitness Blogger Meet & Tweet in LA


Awesomeness happens when you get a bunch of fitness blogger together at Santa Monica beach. That’s what happened on Tuesday at the Fitness Blogger Meet & Tweet, hosted by the lovely ladies of Fitness Magazine. Before I dive into the topics, I want to point out how amazing the location was. The event took place at the Annenberg Community Beach House, so we had a great view over the beach and lovely weather!


When I got there, I ran into familiar faces from Fitbloggin, such as Melissa of The ValentineRD, Tiffany of Running Hutch and Annabel of Feed me I’m cranky. I felt it was so much easier to get to know and talk to people than at Fitbloggin. I think we were around 50 bloggers, so it was really intimate. While there weren’t as many sessions, I did learn quite a lot.

Tony Horton works out at least 22 times per month

The day started off with Tony Horton, creator of the P90x system. He announced to launch a 30 minutes version of the P90x program. I’ve always found his workout program to be too extreme for me (you can’t do them in an apartment), but I might check out his new series. Besides that, he seemed really inspiring. That guy is 55 and he looks super fresh and motivated. Tony also pointed out that you really need to be consistent with your workouts. He works out at least 22 times per month, that’s what’s gonna get you results and is efficient, he says. He really got me there. I have weeks where I’ll work out six times, and then I’m in slacker mode and barely drag myself to the gym. I’m really inspired now to build a schedule and actually stick to it.

Test your hunger

Nutrionist Alyse Levine had really great tips on eating clean and not depriving yourself. She preaches mindful eating and checking in with yourself to see if you actually are hungry. One helpful advice was to ask yourself if a piece of fruit would satisfy your hunger when you’re in the mood for eating something. Because a lot of times, you are not actually hungry. (And now as I’m writing this I actually crave a piece of fruit)

Harley Pasternak aims for 12,000 steps per day

Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak seemed really thoughtful during his Q&A. He talked about his recent book The Body Reset Diet
and how it differs from the programs he previously published. His recent diet program seems to be backed by recent research and he said he has no problem acknowledging that some of his work from the past is now outdated. The problem with our society is that we’re over exercised but underactive. What he meant by that is that a lot of us are trying to squeeze workouts in, but for the rest of the day we are sedentary. According to Pasternak, we should strive to move more throughout the day. He wears a Fitbit and aims for 12,000 steps per day – the recommended goal is 10,000, but Harley really thinks we can do more.


Blogging for Business

Some of my favorite bloggers got together for a panel about the business of blogging: Blogilates Cassey Ho, Eco-Vegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen, Skinny Runner Sarah and Run Eat Repeat Monica. All of them stressed the importance of community support among fitness and health bloggers. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to other bloggers for advice, even if they are bigger than you. In regards to pricing and working with brands, Sarah said: “If the sum you are asking for doesn’t make you nervous, you’re selling yourself short.” She also said if you want your blog to be a business, treat it like a business from day one.


All in all,  I had a great time and learned a lot during this fun meetup. I got to meet a lot of great girls, including Gillian of That’s G , Whitney of Live and Diet in LA,  Stacey of Posh in Progress and others that I’ll add to my RSS reader now! Not to mention all the goodies we received from the sponsors. I’ll do another post on that next week. All I’m saying for now is that I love my Birkenstock and I wore my new Roxy pants on the drive back to San Francisco. So comfy!


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  • Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.

    It was so nice meeting you! Can’t wait to plan some more socal blogger meet ups! And thanks for the linkup :)

  • Gillian @ That’s G

    Loved meeting you and thanks for including me in your post! I also LOVE your blog and have been obsessing over whether I should get the Nike Fuel Band or FitBit after reading your post. Gotta get those 12,000 steps!

    • Lisa Oberndorfer

      Thanks! So nice meeting you too, bag buddy! Your blog is awesome, too! If you are serious about fitness, you should get the Fitbit. While the new Fuelband is much better, it still is more of a gimmick and fashion item than a fitness device. However you decide, it’s best to stick to one system. After getting the Fitbit Flex, I also purchased their scale because it integrates well with their data.

      • Gillian @ That’s G

        Awesome — thanks so much! The Nike Fuel Band does look cooler, but everyone I’ve talked to who has one complains about the functionality. I am definitely learning toward the FitBit. Thanks! And yes – LOVE that lulu bag :)

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  • Stacey Freeman

    Lisa! Thanks for the shout-out:) It was so fun meeting you and the other girls, and such a fun event. Funny you and G were talking about the Fit bit vs. the Nike Fuel Band. I just got some advertisement about the Nike product and was curious…your advice on the Fitbit is oh so helpful!